IFTTT and Manual Entry Fiasco

My pomodoros goal gets data from Strict Workflow, my manual entries and just recently an IFTTT recipe that I’ve hooked up to get pomodoros I log in Trello comments. Now that IFTTT has sent through it’s first datapoint, I’ve got the fetch data button on the goal in the Android app and I can’t manually enter data any more. The web version won’t let me add manual data either. Strict Workflow data still flows, thankfully, or I’d likely be derailing tonight.

I think manual data entry should be allowed on all autodata goals (perhaps something you have to switch on to minimise confusion).

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Your wish is our command :slight_smile: Check out the “terrifyingly advanced” settings of your goal, where you can toggle the data source back to “manual.” This should open up the manual entry fields on the site/app again, but won’t shut down your IFTTT recipe. You can also submit data via email/sms bot/api in this specific situation, even if the entry type isn’t set to manual.

(This trick only works for Zapier/IFTTT goals at the moment; the option is hidden for things like Fitbit & RescueTime.)


Thank you! I was just looking for the same solution!

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This fiasco has reoccurred.

IFTTT goals no longer remember that they were manually set to manual. Every time that an datapoint arrives from IFTTT, they re-establish their non-manual state.

This was reported elsewhere (by @drtall, I believe) but I collided with it again today, so bumping this as a #XUVI thread.


Yeah it’s infuriating. :slight_smile:

I pushed a fix for this 8 days ago. The bug, as far as I can tell, was in failing to set the “don’t try to be helpful and guess the data source of this goal” flag. That is supposed to happen when you change the source back to manual from IFTTT or Zapier.

Have you set a goal to “Manual” and then had it overridden and switched back to IFTTT in the last 8 days? I just went through the steps locally to reproduce the bug, and it does seem to be fixed to me.

Prediction: if you go and set the data source to “manual” now, it will work as advertised and remember the setting next time data is added by IFTTT.

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Thanks for fixing this! Indeed, the same thing had bothered me for one of my goals, but over several recent days it hasn’t behaved bad :smile:

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I think that pjh/stringle switched back yesterday.

On the 12th it got an IFTTT datapoint, and then I set it to manual and added another datapoint via the web. Same thing on the 22nd, when I resurrected this thread.

Update: of course, that means that I hadn’t set it to “manual” since the fix, so I expect it’s fine now. It’s a low-frequency RSS-triggered goal, so just hadn’t happened in the intervening period.

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