force automatic datapoints

Hey Beeminder guys,

firstly i’m sorry if my english is bad.
I love beeminder, it’s help me overcome my procrastination.
For example when i use it with focusmate, I don’t enter my data manually, they are updated by themselves when I do focusmate sessions.

I would like to work the same way with ifttt
for a goal to go to the gym several
times a week, but I have seen that I can still
switch to manual mode to enter the data and thus “lie” that I went to the gym when I didn’t.

So my question is, “how do I “force” the data to be done automatically, with no way to go back to manual data?”

I’ll add that I’m very happy with beeminder, but for me it’s really when the data is automatic that it’s interesting because it “forces” you to really do things and not procrastinate.

Thanks a lot

Hey ffgm,

If you search the forum you’ll find several conversations about exactly that topic. That might give you some ideas.

What some people do is to figure out how to use a location-based trigger (sometimes with IFTTT) so that when they physically arrive at the gym, their goal is updated.

Of course, that doesn’t stop you going to the gym and goofing off the whole time, or going to the coffee shop next to the gym, or any other self-defeating behaviour. But most people will do some kind of work out once they’re actually in the location.

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I use the no-excuse mode so that the data transmission is done automatically between IFTTT and BEEMINDER, it’s very good because it’s exactly what I want.

What worries me is that the return is possible by cancelling the no-excuse mode and therefore allows
the return to manual data, which I don’t want
because the best use of beeminder is when the data is transmitted automatically, if it is not the case it is too easy to cheat.

What is needed is a big mode without excuse where no backtracking is possible, where the lens remains locked in automatic data transmission between the application (ifttt,focusmate etc…) and
beeminder with an impossible backtracking (so no manual data transmission)

Maybe we should talk to the administrators of this forum to propose this solution: a mode where the return to manual data is impossible to have only automatic data.

what do you think about it ?