IFTTT Do Button time bug

I’ve setup a coffee monitor using the Do button.

I’ve seen before that there were bugs with the timestamp. I think there are still some problems which may be associated with timezone. I have pressed it 4 times for coffee today between 8am and 1:15pm but the data reads:

2016-03-04 1.0 Another Cup O’ Joe! March 04, 2016 at 03:17AM http://ift.tt/1Tv9oto (Via DO Button)
2016-03-04 1.0 Another Cup O’ Joe! March 04, 2016 at 12:30AM http://ift.tt/1Qx4yFN (Via DO Button)
2016-03-04 1.0 Another Cup O’ Joe! March 03, 2016 at 11:35PM http://ift.tt/1QQExR9 (Via DO Button)
2016-03-04 1.0 Another Cup O’ Joe! March 03, 2016 at 02:37PM http://ift.tt/1UD1Io2 (Via DO Button)


Is the discrepancy explained by a combination of these?

  • a delay in processing by IFTTT
  • displaying as the wrong timezone
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I don’t think the delay is in processing. I think it is timezone with a weird wrapover.

I just hit Do button at 21:43 and it was in Beeminder immediately after I hit refresh graph but with the time as 11:43am

So that is 10 hours difference (I am on GMT). That makes sense for all the drinks I have hit the button for since 10am (eg one in Beeminder at 12:30am (or 00:30 in 24 hour clock) is my 10:30am cup of coffee).

The ones that are more confusing are the ones before 10am my time which I think are showing up as 2.37pm and 11.35pm (I think these were between 8am and 9am my time).

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That timestamp in the comment is coming from IFTTT themselves, right? So it looks like the Do app is reporting times in Pacific Time, not relative to the user’s location. But the datapoints are getting assigned to the correct day for you, right? Our Add Data trigger doesn’t use any info from the trigger to assign the date – it just uses the current timestamp at the time the recipe runs – so I’d expect that while the timestamp is confusing, the dates of the datapoints should be correct, no?

  • and actually broken if you wanted to use the time as an ingredient in the trigger, like for the value, or something else non-beeminder related…

Ah that makes sense now, thanks.
I couldn’t work out why the date was always right even when the time seemed to have wrapped around to the previous day.
I can live with this as Beeminder gives the correct day, as you say the time is not critical (just handy as a check whether I did record a cup of coffee when in a meeting).
I’ll report to Ifttt though.