I have a goal similar to Beeminding getting to cofee shop using IFTTT location trigger to send time of arrival via TOD macro. There seems to be a minor bug in TOD. I had a 12:11PM time converted to 24.18 instead of 12.18.

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Oh, can you help me understand the use case for 12 hour time? It seems to me that 24 hour time is the most sensical for using as Beeminder input, and in fact just recently patched the TOD macro to adjust 12 hour times to 24 hour times! So, it’d be really valuable to hear the case for 12 hour time :smile:


Yes, I agree 24hour time is the way to go.

I think there is a bug when the time to be converted is 12:x PM. TOD gives an incorrect output of 24.y . The correct result should be 12.y
Shouldn’t 24 hour time output be in [0,24) anyway?

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Yeah, apologies! Danny just caught the bug :slight_smile: I guess I was not paying
close enough attention to catch it, sorry! Just deployed the fix. Man, 12
hour time! Making itself difficult.


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No worries. Thanks for the quick fix! :smile:

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3 years later I am getting the same bug. At 12:20 am TOD returned 12.333 instead of 0.333.

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To clarify: the original bug was that 12:15pm got converted to 24.25 instead of 12.25. The new bug is that 12:15am gets converted to 12.25 instead 0.25?

This sounds correct and the bug seems to have been there all along. I guess IFTTT only sometimes gives 12-hour time so maybe it’s rare in practice?

I’ll update this thread when we fix it! http://dreev.commits.to/ifttt_macro_bugfix

Yes, exactly. Thanks for the rapid response!

Did this ever get fixed?

I think this is fixed now (as of about a week ago actually) but I have only proved it correct, not tried it. Can you confirm the fix? Thanks so much!