IFTTT Pre-Launch

Whoa, IFTTT really went crazy on this one! I took a look at the logs to see if maybe we were giving a response that made IFTTT think we hadn’t successfully added the datapoint or anything, but things look Kosher on our end… Yikes, though!

I’ll clean up the data for you.

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OMG generalizing GmailZero to any labels or set of labels (or regex defining a set of labels) would be pretty huge for me. I’m engaged in elaborate hackery with Google Apps Script, based on @anomalily’s code, for lack of that feature now. (Me personally, I mean, beeminding my own inbox.)

The new Gmail REST api I think makes this pretty easy. Implementation-wise it’s mostly an issue of interface (for setting up / picking options).

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Thanks for looking into it, Bethany. I did have a IFTTT recipe to send emails to the bot (that was before I discovered that there was a beta official integration) but I deleted it when I made the new recipe. Wonder why it’s still active. In any case, thanks for looking at it. If it happens again, I’ll contact IFTTT. :smile:

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Holler at us too, or first, just in case! (:

[edit: I tried to make a left-facing smilie because I hate the discourse auto-replacements and I accidentally typed a frown]

will do!

This recipe has been working fine for me!


Thanks everyone who’s been publishing and telling us about it here! We just got the channel approved (hurrah!) but have a few more hoops to jump through marketing-wise. In particular we’ve got to personally publish** at least 24 recipes… which really, why me personally? You all have much more creative use cases than me (and more services and gadgets). So I’m going to start going through this list and stealing all your delightful ideas! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, also we’re to pick our 6 favorite recipes to feature on the channel page, at https://ifttt.com/beeminder, so if anyone has strong opinions we could vote or something.

Actually, come to think of it since the Beeminder channel is still in pre-launch that channel page will only be visible if you’ve been invited to the beta and added the channel, so: All you forum goers are invited to do that by visiting http://ifthisMindthat.com and activating the beeminder ifttt channel!


Was this deleted / hidden? I get a 404.

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Ya, I don’t know what happened. I got 404’d when I’m signed out, hmmm.

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That’s because the channel is still secret. Only people who’ve gotten in on the beta – ifthisMINDthat.com – can see it.

I moved a post to an existing topic: IFTTT Channel is LIVE!!

Definitely include something like this for must do or most important or must achieve tasks.

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Agreed! Will add. Just added Todoist to the list too. Does it let you edit the list above? We made it a wiki but I’m not sure if it lets just anyone edit… Anyway, normal replies are fine too!

In case you’re still looking for examples, I just published a recipe I use
to automatically count blog posts towards my blogging goal:

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I see this works with counting files in a dropbox folder. Any ideas on counting words? I have a Draft goal but i’m a not very good connection and often Draft goes offline which means you can’t write anything, which is a bit counter-productive.

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Is there a way to add recipes that modify the road?


Sadly, no. We haven’t done any triggers or actions around road shape.