Incorrectly sorted datapoint in android app

I have a datapoint (dated 2016-04-05) that on the android app keeps being listed at the top of my beeminder goal:

Note that the datapoint is over a month old. Yet, it is still showing on the top of the list.

On the web version of Beeminder, OTOH, the datapoint is listed correctly.

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Thanks for the bug report! We saw this temporarily after a big database upgrade and I think it will fix itself if you sign out of the app and sign back in. Can you confirm? Also tagging @bee and @saranli in case this is a new bug!

Signing out and then again signing in fixed the listing when I click on the tab showing all datapoints. But I still see the datapoints incorrectly sorted under the graph.

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After having added a new datapoint, the list under the graph in the Android app is now also correct.