Increase space for comments?

Good morning,

I am wondering if there is a way increase the amount of space for comments in Beeminder? I used to be able to have a lot more room in Beeminder. As you can tell from the screenshot, a portion of my comment is not visible. And thus I am left wondering who I worked with, which is a very disappointing change to Beeminder.

In the past I had the ability to track my streak & who I worked with
Now it seems I am being forced to choose.


Unrelated: Where does the STREAK! text come from? Is that you, or us, or Focusmate?

Also worth checking whether you’ve accidentally zoomed in the page, which could impact the amount of visible text. That happens to me sometimes and I hit Command-zero to reset to the default.

Not a fix, but you can horizontally scroll on that text field. For me that’s a two-finger swipe to the left. And the amount of text showing will be at least partly based on the width of your browser window.


I’m sure you could use a userstyles browser plug-in to hack how the comments are displayed, though that might take some tinkering. :thinking:

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Thanks Philip!

You were absolutely right. I intentionally zoomed in because I get distracted SUPER easily (which is why I use Focusmate) and zooming in helps me NOT look at irrelevant information.

The streak is something I manually input each day for various beeminder goals. Essentially for many beeminder goals I enjoy the quick quantitative analysis, and then I use the comment/descriptive box to help me do a deeper qualitative analysis (as needed) to provide more contextual, deeper meaning.

In this case stimulating and maintaining a sense of motivation and momentum through harnessing the power of streaks, and then when I break the streak, which happens, I use the power of beeminder’s graph, until I resume the power of streaks.

Success becomes the default setting, if I show up everyday and put in the work.