Very soft launch of Integromat integration

Look what Integromat made: Beeminder Integrations | Integromat :tada:

I told them we’d be delighted to include them in our integrations gallery but wanted to get some testimonials from people first. Have you gotten any of your Beeminder goals automated with an Integromat scenario (as they call their recipes/applets/zaps)? Let me know!


[[resolved]] Hmm. their signup might be broken right now? I just tried to register and they do the thing where they make you verify your email before you can actually sign in, but it’s been over 10 minutes and there’s no confirmation email, nor resent confirmation email…


I managed to successfully sign up. I was skeptical at first, thinking it’d be rather redundant to IFTTT, but I was wrong–it’s far more powerful! Although it has a lot of similar services, there are some additional ones, like databases and even IFTTT itself.

The way you can manipulate is so neat, and a little above my head right now. Everything part essentially can be a variable that can be played with. All it requires is your Auth token to get started.

I suppose it’s power makes it more like Zapier, except I dig the UI a lot more. Each “scenario” (which is the trigger then output) is a large, moveable circle on the screen which makes it fun and easy to visualize tasks.

Here’s a handy screenshot of what it looks like to create a Beeminder scenario:

I definitely need to play around with it more, it’s a bit overwhelming haha, but I could see myself using this! I’ll also add that you can have multiple instances of each service, which means you can connect multiple accounts different places. That’s so cool and helpful.

In addition to services, they also have “tool”, which are categorized into: Flow Control, Tools, and Text Parsers, and you can use them all together as much as you like. Here’s an example from the nifty templates they have:


Not sure if this is feedback that should be targeted at Beeminder or Integromat… but the unordered JSON keys make it very hard to find things :slightly_frowning_face:


Oh boy, yeah, that’s quite a firehose. Those are Beeminder’s API fields but it doesn’t make sense to expose all those to the user. Might be something for us to coordinate with Integromat on.

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This gives me anxiety because I’m scared I’ll need that obscure field :flushed:

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Ahhhh, this is amazing news. I LOVE Integromat. Just to give folks an idea of what you could do with this, here are some of the more random things I’ve used Integromat for:

  • Receive email from survey tool; Gmail forwards the email to Integromat, which extracts structured data from the email using regex, then updates customer record in a different system
  • Cron job: every day, make an API call to set a variable in a SAAS tool to {{30 days ago}} to work around a limitation
  • Mega integration: upon receiving API call, create a Google Drive folder, duplicate a Google Sheet template into the folder, rename it appropriately, populate it with customer data, open a ticket in Jira, and log a conversion event into a different system. Report errors to Slack
  • Super lightweight static site generator: go through an Airtable table of records, upload images and pages via FTP (including placeholder replacement).
  • Save $$$ on Jira: it can handle all the automation work I used to need Jira’s pro plan for. Saving $7/user on Jira license fees.

The possibilities are endless, and it seems capable of more complex logic than Zapier (though I haven’t used Zapier extensively)

Look forward to thinking about how to use it w/ Beeminder :slight_smile: Thanks for adding, team!


…that said, my initial excitement at this announcement is tempered by the fact that the options provided seem to be limited to listing/modifying data points in specific goals, so I’m not sure how I would actually use this integration.

Also, the current integration only provides Beeminder actions, not Beeminder as a trigger. Would be nice to trigger scenarios based on when a goal is about to derail, or actually derails. Or run a scenario on a periodic basis and filter by goals that are coming due, etc.

Anyway. Curious to see what folks end up using this for :slight_smile:


I just set up my first Integromat scenario, and oh my goodness I’m in love. :astonished: This is what IFTTT should have always been.


I had previously used Integromat to push to my Foursquare tips goal.
Foursquare Tips > [Integromat trigger > Add row to Google Sheets] > [Zapier Trigger > Beeminder goal update]

Good to see the inclusion, it is a good bit of kit. I’ll play around with it.

UPDATE: Moved everything over from Zapier and a few from IFTTT - works like a charm.


I was unaware of this tool, thank you. I was considering using Zappier but the limits on the free plan are a turn off, the premium price is too high, and I find IFTTT rather limited. This one is more affordable and complete for advanced users. I just tested it and it works well with Beeminder. Please keep the integrations going! :slight_smile:


Just heard from another user that they’ve set up an Integromat Scenario to fetch all Beeminder goals, filter for less than 7 days of safety buffer, and create a Todoist goal. It even assigns priorities in Todoist by number of safe days! :heart_eyes:

Oh and they said it was easy with the basic Integromat features; they didn’t need a paid plan or anything.

So with this and everyone else chiming in, I think this integration is ready for prime time!

But keep the examples coming. This is really great to collect all these!

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I believe I’m the user @dreev is referring to :slight_smile:

Indeed, the “scenario” as described is fairly easy to set up. Let me add the use case as well: Integromat creates Todoist goals early in the morning. Then, I choose among those many goals based on what I feel like doing that day (I tag them as must-do in Todoist). Being able to add priorities is helpful for the selection. So the integration helps me replace “typing selected goals to Todoist (and checking what can I pick up next if I have extra energy/time)” with “remove goals that I don’t feel like that day, or the remainder at the end of the day”.

There is but one frustration I keep having, and that’s the unordered JSON keys, as I’ve complained above. This becomes really painful while figuring out the Beeminder API.

While it is possible to do this without a paid plan, Integromat has a limit of 2 active (= running on a schedule) scenarios. There are also some other “volume limits” but I’d guess that simple use cases won’t easily put you near those limits.

I’m considering buying the paid plan for realizing two more scenarios:

  • Check a Google Sheet every day and add as many data points as the number of rows with the date of the day.
  • Check if a Beeminder goal has data added on that day, add a data point to another goal (for the “do at least a bit every day” and “do at least X/day” 2-goal setup). I think this will be possible with the PESOS feature.

@thechristophe What’s your use case for beeminding Foursquare Tips? I didn’t know Foursquare was still a thing!

Definitely still a thing, but it isn’t a social app anymore, more a personal travel diary - for people who don’t like writing diaries. I beemind writing tips to force myself to capture the memory so that I have the memory to look back on in years to come. Occasionally IRL I get asked for recommendations from people heading to a city they know I’ve been to before, diving into 4sq and sending links to venues is a good way to build a quick travel recommendation list.

People do still use it, particularly in holiday hotspots, it’s useful to know where to go when you are in a new city. It’ll be interesting to see if 4sq survives C19, a lot of tips are old and if venues are going bust then…

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The Integromat launch is pretty official now but it would be especially awesome to make it extra official with a blog post. Would any of you amazing people be interested in guest-blogging about it?