Integration with MediSafe or other medication tracker

There are a lot of integrations planned, but none for a medication tracker. I’m thinking this would be a great idea for an integration, since medication non-adherence can result in otherwise-preventable health crises. I myself find it too easy to talk myself out of taking my anti-psychotics, since the side effects are unpleasant, but doing so causes a gradual decline in my mental health and makes it harder for me to do other things. Including, ironically enough, taking my medication.

I think MediSafe in particular would be a good one to do an integration with. It’s available for both iOS and Android (sorry, Windows Phone users). It’s a sort of virtual pill planner/reminder that tells you whether and when you’ve taken your medication on a particular day. It even has a special schedule for birth control pills. And it does have its own commitment contract in the form of notifying a chosen person if you either skip your meds or take it later than the scheduled time.

Having this combined with Beeminder’s graphs and extra reinforcement would be very helpful for me. Does anybody else think so?


Great idea! Added this to the list.

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