iOS Shortcut doesn't seem to work if the screen is off

I think this is a bug:

  • I have a shortcut “office beemind once daily” which uses the Beeminder app Add Data shortcut (after checking that this is the first time that’s been done today by checking a file lastbeeminded)

  • If I trigger the shortcut manually it works great every time

  • If I trigger the shortcut via an automation in the Shortcuts app (for me, it’s when my phone’s location enters the office), it doesn’t record the data.

I know that the automation is running because it sends a notification, so I think the cause is the Beeminder shortcut. One major difference is that the screen is off when the automation is triggered ,so it could be that.



I am wondering if your device is ‘offline’ during this time. Neither the app nor its shortcut support an offline mode for submitting data.

If that is not the case, then I wonder how the automation and shortcut are configured. With the shortcut configured to be displayed when run, for example, running the shortcut appears to fail when this cannot be shown (because the screen is off). Check the ‘Beeminder / add data’ shortcut’s configuration is set to not ‘show when run’.


Ah thank you - the “show when run” option was enabled, that is probably the culprit! I hadn’t noticed that before. Will report back tomorrow when the automation runs but I’m hopeful, this is likely user error and not a beeminder bug :slight_smile:


And? Awaiting feedback on this one.

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Oh yeah it worked :slight_smile: