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Is there a RescueTime alternative that just tracks 'using the computer'?

Hi! Like lots of people here, I’m trying to cut down the time I spend on the computer, particularly after midnight.

I think the standard way to do this is with RescueTime and IFTTT, but I find RescueTime an awkward fit for this - it’s mostly about prompting me to do focused work, but I have a non-computer job, so if I’m working, I’m by definition not on the computer.

Is there a simpler, less-featured alternative that just tracks “computer is in use” at particular times?

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You might want to look at ActivityWatch.


Have you tried “Cold Turkey” yet? It tracks your time spent on the computer and also blocks websites and apps on your computer.

It doesn’t work with Beeminder, but it’s the best solution I’ve found to reduce time on the computer. I’ve gone from 9 hours down to 5 hours on average (computer and phone).


ColdTurkey is badass/perfect for limiting computer use. It doesn’t do anything for phones though, and that’s a problem for me. (I’ve tried them all and landed on Freedom as being best, for what it’s worth.)

Have you tried Digital Detox found it really useful to reduce my phone usage with scheduling it in evenings and upon waking up and can be use it to block phone for a set amount of time. If you want to break the detox you have to pay a forfeit to get your access to those apps back.