Offscreen time-tracking

I like to work offline [edit: I mean off-screen] a lot, but I’d like to have better time-tracking for it.

I want something automatic, like RescueTime or TagTime – stopwatches and so on are very unrealistic for me.

Most of my offline productive work is at my desk (and I care more about making sure I’m clocking at least a certain amount of productive time, rather than that I’m clocking less than a certain amount of unproductive time), so I was thinking about rigging up a camera for my desk that snaps a photo every 10 mins or so, and then labelling that. I suppose if I were feeling up to it, I could put the photo snaps on a TagTime schedule!

Before I look into setting this up, does anyone have a better suggestion? Or an obvious failure mode in the above?

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What platform do you use? There are a couple of apps for macOS that do automatic time-tracking like RescueTime, but fully offline:

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Sorry, realised I was using the term “offline” unhelpfully. I mean off-screen or off-device. I’ve updated the post to reflect that

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