Is there any way of seeing the due date in addition to "due in ... x" days?


It would be helpful to me if I could see the actual date I had to do something by, in addition to seeing the “in x days …” - is that possible? Thanks!



On the web version, click on that part of the header to toggle it, and you’ll get an alternate display saying e.g. “due Saturday night”. Or you can look in the stats tab at the due-by table, which will tell you what is due by each day for the next 7 days.

You might find the help article about the goal page helpful as well for this kind of trick! It’d be super useful to hear whether you’re trying to look up any of these questions in the help docs and whether you’re able to find what you’re looking for, as I mentioned before – I’m always working on improving those, but they already hold a lot of the answers about how Beeminder works! And of course it’s a quicker answer than asking the support team or on the forum, since you can find it right away.

If you haven’t been using the help docs yet, can we do an experiment? Next time you have a question, can you try searching the docs? If you can’t find what you need, then we’d love to hear the step-by-step, e.g. what search terms you used and which articles you tried reading. That’d be really helpful for us!


Fair enough; I’ll check out help docs - thanks!

Meanwhile, I have the impression from another post you are using one of the mobile apps, in particular the official Beeminder for iOS app and on an iPad. That app does not currently display data from the due-by table, which would detail how much would be required the next week to stay on track (on the non-derail side).

Slugs of relevant issues at github:
Delta Text:

Due-By table:

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Yes that;s correct (using iOS apps), thank you!

BTW, I like how many different ways it shows the due date, but when it’s soon, it doesn’t show the numerical date anywhere. It prefers to show “Wed” or “1d 4h 08m 00s”. So if I made a to-do that says “build a buffer through 2024-08-11” then it’s actually a little annoying to translate between the two. Once the due date is a week out and the UI becomes willing to display “29 Jul”, it’s easier.

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