It would be cool if Beeminder had statistcal correlation with graphs

I’m not sure how to say this in a way that is technically “correct” but… It would be cool if you could have some statistical correlation features with Beeminder.

For example, I am Beeminding my social media minutes per day. I’m also Beeminding my daily productive time via Rescuetime. It would be great to see if there’s any correlation between less social media and more productivity.

Or even better- be able to rate your mood daily and see correlations between certain activities and moods.

I just think it wouldn’t bee that hard to add correlation… it’s a statistical equation. It’s been a while since I took statistics, but I know this wouldn’t bee to hard of an engineering problem. And it would increase the value of the Bee!

When you can look back and see that productivity or mood increased with meditation, etc. (the possibilities are endless)… that would be very motivating.


You can use for that purpose (btw I would like to hear thoughts on this project from those of you who use it for some time) or maybe you will find something for you in - alternative Beeminder UI.

Basically you can compare two goals and see some more data. Here I compare “commits” goal with “Duolingo”. As you can see I’m more likely to write code in the evening, while I grab five minutes with Duolingo throughout the day.

Nonetheless I really like this suggestion. I’m not sure behavioural insight is a core value of Beeminder, it’s rather a side effect, but it feels very tempting to me to start looking at data and make more informed decisions.


I like the idea but I am relatively skeptical that any real effect sizes are strong enough to be found from correlations between most folks’ graphs that aren’t already obvious to them, you know? Just a function of life noise and number of datapoints, really.

I would love to see more statistics and forecasting with graphs! I have a bunch of goals I’ve had for something like 7 years. I’d love to see what it thinks about potential rate changes, for instance.

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Wow, that’s cool. I didn’t know about, but that looks like what I’m looking for. Thanks!

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