Jonathan’s Beeminder Journal

I will be starting a Beeminder journal here since my main goal is ending. I will talk about the following

  1. New goals created.

  2. Any changes to fine print (except for the first week). Must wait a week for fine print change. This is mandatory.

  3. Rate changes but that is optional.

  4. Any derailments

  5. Any other general thoughts.


Below is a new goal I am creating today.


Chat GPT has added the ability to use chatGPT for shortcuts. This has created a whole new list of things that can be done. One issue I have come across is when I was dosing the dumb phone ultra challenge is sometimes I would need my phone for something but it wasn’t really allowed. However I didn’t want to open the flood gates to allow me to interpret if what I was doing was allowed or not. Well now I don’t have to as I can setup a shortcut with chatGPT that forces me to give the details on why I am opening a restricted app. I give it a prompt with my rules and it tells me if it is allowed or not.

The goal will be a do less goal. GPT will have the ability to send a data point to the goal. Only 2 are allowed per day. Autorachet will be set to 0 days.

Fine Print:

  1. I must not skip GPT prompt except if I am reentering for the same thing that GPT just let me in for. For example if I am trying to find a networking book and I have to answer a message real quick and come back for the same thing.

  2. In relation to last rule a timer starts that is 5 minutes this is how long I can exit and enter without needing to reprompt GPT.

  3. The following are the apps that are to be restricted by this: Web Browsers (except during work hours in which case the prompt will not show up if in work focus), YouTube, email apps. Should be setup on iPhone and iPad.

  4. The following prompt will be used for chatGPT:
    You are going to decide if an app needs to be opened or not. What you are looking for is if it is an actually necessary open or not. If it is not say “Exit Code:6283” otherwise say “proceed”. Basically if it is something that seems like a legitimate medical thing allow it. This would include things like looking up medical bills, paying medical bills, negotiating medical bills, looking up symptoms of an aliment or looking up drug interactions. If it something that closely ties into something work related you can allow it. Though must be strict on work related items must have a fairly thorough explanation. Also if it learning related it is okay. Though must be specific on what will be learned. Also if something needs to perform a task right now allow though must say what it is. Also looking up receipts for purchases from a specific company is okay or looking up transaction to put in YNAB is okay. Also contacting Beeminder support or checking for a reply but is must be specific. If it is ever blank do not allow it. Given that info here is what the user provided as their reason for the app open: “Provided Input”


Goal Title: WondrFood

Goal Description:
This goal will track weather or not I follow the rules for Wondr or not. This is a diet program I get access to for free through my health insurance. It is highly effective but I must actually follow it.

A 1 means rules were followed. A zero means not all rules were followed. The rate will be 0.9 per day to allow for a buffer to be built. No autorachet will be set. Will integrate with ToDoist.

Fine Print:

  1. Must follow Wondr snack rules. A snack can be no more that 150 calories and snacks must be placed at least 30 minutes apart.

  2. Must use the meal timer (Can be manual timers or meal timer in app). Scores are tracked in separate Beeminder goal.

  3. Drink at least one water bottle a day.

  4. Watch wondr videos for week (derail if weeks videos are not done by end of day Sunday.

I haven’t posted in a bit as I have been sick the last several days as I have had a lot of ear issues causing major dizziness issues. But I feel like I am finally on the mend and seem to be improving. I look forward to getting back on track and getting my Beeminder goals done. I want to thank the Beeminder support team for being nice and giving me the needed pauses for the last few weeks for all the things that have gone the last couple weeks.

I have derailed on YNABnow twice this last week. YNABnow is kind of a weird goal to the rest of them. Basically anytime I close an app or leave a location that I could have bought some it adds a data point. In order to reverse the datapoint or points (by putting in a negative point since it activates a lot) I must balance my YNAB items. I failed to this twice this week. Even though I was sick I feel that it highly important to stay on top of the budget even while sick which is why I did not dispute the derails as it would have taken me like 5 minutes to balance the budget. It is now up to a pledge of $30.

Note this goal will be greatly improved once Apple fixes shortcuts triggered by messages containing certain text in iOS 17 beta automatically without user interaction something currently not possible in iOS 16 as you need to interact with a notification for it to run the shortcut. As I receive a text when a transaction goes through I can attach it to a shortcut that will activate a focus mode that will not let me do anything until I add the transaction.

At any rate has been a rough last couple of weeks with a lot going on but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

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New Goal to be created by Monday.

Goal Title: Readmuch

Goal Description:
This goal will require that I read before using my Freedom time.

The metric will be complete or incomplete (beenary) read day. Will be connected to Todoist.

Fine Print:

  1. I must read for an hour before doing any of the following if it is allowed according to Freedom schedule: Watching YouTube, watching and show or movie on TV except if at someone else’s house and any type of social media except for Reddit which is never allowed. Also includes podcasts and audiobooks. This does not include work videos during work hours but does include work videos if after working hours.

  2. If an hour is not read but none of the activities in section 1 are done then it may still be marked complete. As the goal is to tie reading to activities that are fun. As odd thing with me and reading. I like the result of reading such as learning new things in depth (I can learn from audiobooks but I tend to only gets bits and pieces since I get distracted easily) but I don’t like the reading part it’s self. So I am using this to force me to read.

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New Goal to be created by Monday.

Goal Title: fakenews

Goal Description:
I have been reading a book on fake news and I have realized when I share news I sometimes do not fully look into things or get blinded by my own biases. So this goal will ensure that I am through and only share to the best of my knowledge accurate material with less bias.

The metric will be complete or incomplete (beenary) no fake news. Will be connected to Todoist.

Fine Print:

  1. First thing is I must read the full article not just the headline.

  2. I must find two other sources for the information before sharing.

  3. If they are all pulling from one major source I should read the entire root source.

  4. After this I must answer these questions:

A. How are my bias effecting my view on this situation?

B. Am I ignoring parts that don’t align with what I think or want to be true? Cognitive dissonance check basically.

C. What parts of this info are facts and what parts are opinions.

D. Are grains of truth being used to push forward a lie?

E. If political am I applying the same standard to everyone?

F. Are most of the facts in or is it a situation where the full facts are not known yet? If so it would serve me well to wait before sharing.

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Been a rough week had a Migraine Tuesday and I have now just fully recovered. Also I have rejoined Boss As A Service. There are some more complicated goals that will need another person holding me accountable. Also I will use it for creating new goals far as making sure I write the fine print and such.