Low Tech Deadline Reminder

I got this big ol clock hanging directly in front of me and recently moved a goal deadline from midnight to 10pm and then promptly forgot that I did that the next day. I then further moved it ahead to 9pm. To prevent me forgetting I did that, I came up with this low-tech impromptu solution:

It is embarrassingly simple. And it works surprisingly well.
Do you have any similar silly solutions?

(I did look up whether midnight is 12am or 12pm for you 12hr clock people. Turns out it’s neither!)

(I made the label with a cheap €5 manual label printer. I love those labels!)


12am is always midnight and 12pm is always noon.

Yes that’s the widespread expectation. But did you read the linked article from the national physics laboratory? It’s a bit more complicated than that, apparently.

Note to myself: Click “Reply” when you’re done. Not before. :neutral_face:

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Here’s the American take on it: :us:

But in practice, when using any kind of digital display or electronic time system, 12am is midnight and 12pm is noon.

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I love this.

It’s brilliant, and simple, and easy-to-set-up, and inexpensive and I love it.