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Making Calorie Limit a "Do More" Goal?


I currently have my calories tracked using a “Do Less” goal. The data comes from My Fitness Pal, which sends data to Apple Health, which sends data to Beeminder.

Current Setup

My calorie goal is 1650, meaning I want to stay below 1650 per day. With a “Do Less” goal, this is easy to setup, as I just need to stay below the 1650 number that Beeminder receives from Apple Health.

Switching to "Do More"

I’d prefer to set this up as a “Do More” goal instead, but I can’t figure out how to do it.

In other words, is there a way to set Beeminder up like this:

  • Create a “Do More” goal, titled “Stay Below Daily Calorie Goal”
  • If today’s calories received from Apple Health are below 1650, mark this as a +1 for the day

Is it possible to set up a “Do More” goal this way? While still using Apple Health, rather than manual input?

Thank you!

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Hmm, I can’t think of a way, personally… but I’ve never tried, since I tend to be a big proponent of the simple, manual approach!

You can do this with a second goal that you connect using Zapier. One of the steps in your zap could check against the cap and enter either a zero or a one.


The second goal will probably get a new datapoint every time that the first goal is updated, so you’ll also need to set an aggregation method of nonzero

So it’s a bit tricky, but possible. As @shanaqui said, there’s a lot of value in taking a manual approach.

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