Mid-day derailing when yesterday was red

I think I may have found one explanation for the “multiple derailments on the same day” bug.

I had assumed that you could only derail at the time of your deadline. But apparently if you were in the red yesterday, the system will derail you if you’re in the red at any time during the day.

This causes a problem with any goal that always goes into the red mid-day. One of my goals is always in the red during the day but goes back by my deadline. So if I derailed the previous day I will always derail the next day.

This is very surprising behavior - I would never expect that it could derail me at a time that was not my deadline based on the previous day. Goals should only derail at the deadline.

Wait, how are you ending up with a datapoint in the red yesterday without derailing?

I did derail yesterday. Then it derailed me again a couple more times during the day today.

I see. But then followup question: We don’t allow true no-mercy recommits when you derail which means derailing gives you at least a couple days of safety buffer. So you shouldn’t be able to get in the red the day after derailing.

(I do realize there are still ways to do so but I’m interested in the use case and also just pointing out that we expect this to be somewhat rare. We’re working on solving this regardless though.)

It’s a DoLess goal, so I can always derail, and in the middle of the day I’m up to about 600, but it goes down by evening. It’s measuring the number of minutes after 1am - this is my “go to bed earlier” goal.

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