Request: hard commit to allow 0 mercy days

This is a request that the Beeminder team hard commit to solving the problem where you can’t have 0 mercy days - that is, you can’t make it so that the day after you derail is back on track for your goal.

This is key because after a derailment, I’m demoralized, and I want to be able to get back on track and redeem myself the next day, and start my schedule again right away. As it is, now I have to wait a couple days and feel discouraged.

This may or may not be related to YBHP - I think there was some debate about how orthogonal it is. It seems to me you could mix ‘n’ match derailment conditions - the fix would likely involve changing the derailment condition so you only look at the graph position at the deadline.

This has come up for me a bunch lately and it’s demotivating :frowning:

This is definitely on the roadmap, but it’s not something we’re ready to hard commit to now, since there are other priorities above it, but it’s absolutely something we want too.

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More context with gory details: Mother of Bugs: Two Consecutive Days In The Red