More goal color weirdness

Is this as intended? I would expect them to all be the same color.

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Agreed! Thank you! I think this is another “will be fixed as part of Yellow Brick Half-Plane” bug. Would be great to have you start guineapigging that, in fact. Currently you have to convert a goal to custom and have enough safety buffer that you’re ok with blowing away the “wrong lane”, ie, letting the road width go to zero. (We’re working on making that transition smoother!) But for goals where that works for you, the additional guineapiggage would be great.

And, bonus, it should fix this bug for you. :slight_smile:

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We’ve now converted all graphs for all usernames up to J (plus all dailies, including you, @narthur) and are likely pushing through to Z today!

So color weirdness like this should be a thing of the past. :tada: Definitely holler if you see otherwise!