MsBuzybody’s Accountability Journal

I’m an on again off again beemindeer. Since I do better knowing others can view my progress I’ve decided to add an accountability journal with weekly updates. For now I have added back three goals and will be tweaking and putting more info on them.

Productivity: Right now this is how many minimum routine tasks I do in a day from a certain list. My current goal is to complete 10

Steps: With this I wanted to do 10000 steps for six days so calculating for a week it breaks down to a little over 8500 daily

Exercise: I really wanted the goal to be 150 minutes a week but I had to bump it to 200 minutes because the Apple Watch gives you a few minutes of day of exercise as you go about your day and your heart rated fluctuates

Habitica: This is totally a test. I was on Habitica a couple years ago and am not sure if I will commit to this.

Other goals I plan to add

Violin practice

One sentence journaling


Bible reading

Accountability journal posting

Well now that the deed is done… I’ve posted this to make myself more transparent and therefore more motivated to be productive and less of a weasel I will see how this works :slight_smile:

You all feel free to comment to get my attention if you don’t see updates