mtrazzi's beeminder journal - connecting with more people

I’ve just infinibeed. yes, it’s a verb.

so far:

what i really want with this infinib’ power is to increase social and networking, so I added:

  • cold email to count how many “hey what’s up i’m michael wanna video chat” emails.
  • udpates to count the “wazup, how’s life” and “here’s an update about my life” DMs.

Entry of my beeminder journal for 2020 (so far):

  • running: i’ve been running everyday for the past months or so, so i’m keeping up with my marathon preparation. Problem is that the marathon has been corona cancelled so it’s actually happening in June 2021. will probably go back to 10km/week after lockdown (May 11th).
  • anki: i’ve been adding more and more cards (i’m reading a textbook on reinforcement learning where i need to remember a bunch of math formulas) so it’s pretty cool to feel to be above the graph and i love the anki beeminder add on, but it’s also not that challenging.
  • twitter: i’ve been tweeting enough, but i feel i could go up to 10 tweets a day. but also i don’t feel like spamming everyone. i don’t know how to feel about this one.
  • pomodoro: i’m literally living my best life, doing 12-20 offline pomodoros a day. so i don’t know why i have this goal. like, i don’t really need it. but that graph though. so much beauty.

anyhow, would love to have your inputs on my new “connecting with people” goals, and will let you know how it goes every week-ish.


Can you explain these? I don’t understand how they work and what counts.

sure, here are more formal definitions:

  • cold email: when I email (or just contact) someone i’ve never talked to before. what counts is the first message sent, which I increment manually using beeminder’s API at the end of the day.
  • update: message sent to someone i know but haven’t talked in a while (let’s say more than a week). it should be asking for news/updates (could additionally include what’s new on my side in the message). same as cold email for how i increment/count.

So you’re doing anki for anki! So meta!

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So does your response to me here on the forum count? And do in-person contacts count? Or phone? Or does it have to be electronic?


that’s an interesting question! it’s true that when we post stuff online we sometimes get answers and this might start relationships haha. i might try to measure that at some point but right now there’s no way to increment my counter bc we already had a first contact. maybe if we become friends and then don’t talk for a week and then I send you a “update” message?

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quick updates:

  • updates: 1st beemergency–i had retrotratcheted (was feeling confident), but turns out that i struggled a bit today to find someone to send updates to (already sent 8 updates in a week).
  • cold_email: also 1st beemergency. struggled to think of someone to cold email, and was hesitant to email someone i kind of interacted with at a party but never through email. ended up DMing someone i had sent one sentence on LinkedIn once. seemed pretty relevant to do so.
  • run: i still need to run a crazy marathon every week until June 20 (cf. Upcoming changes), because I had made a bunch of road editor edits at some point. i’m confident that i’ll manage to do it, but now that France is not in full lockdown anymore i have less incentives to run.
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You can send me updates or email me if I qualify!

You’re doing a full marathon every week? That’s amazing. Unfortunately I think the full lockdown will be back very soon when the second wave of coronavirus hits.