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My list of bugs and feature requests


Good to know about HH:MM:SS - I’ll look at that because I thought it was days first somewhere.

I just tried to scale 1/60 and got a 500 error :frowning:


Ah, nice work! It works for me (just tried it with a test goal) but hopefully you’ve got a reproducible bug there. Let’s move this to where we can dive in on your specific graph.


My graph is back now - I don’t know if support reset it for me or what.

So one of my goal entries said 00:08 when it was 7.5 min. I edited to change to 00:07:30 and it switched to 0.125, but all the other goals were still in HH:MM mode. When I reloaded the page, it went back to 00:08.

(As it happened, I derailed that day because I was only able to get in 7.5 min before midnight when I needed 8 min, so the difference did matter. To avoid that problem in the future, I changed the deadline to 4 am.)

I’ve always been a fan of Miss Manners’ “Sorry, but that’s just not possible” response. :smiley: