Native Beeminder App for macOS with Catalyst, please

Apple Catalyst supposedly makes it easy to turn your iPad app into a full blown native app for your Mac. No Electron needed. It’s easier on your battery, too.

You might argue “but behold there is a website already” and you would be right.
But I’ll take a native app over some website any day and besides the iOS app got some features that the website does not. Such as the stopwatch.
Or notifications.


Sounds super cool!

I’m still hoping that progressive web apps will get to the place where we’ll have the best of both worlds (we’re getting there, slowly!), but it’s still early days. :slight_smile:

Interesting! I like this! But web apps, progressive or not, still suffer from high energy consumption compared to truly native apps. This I am afraid applies to any kind of interpreted executable. Which is fundamentally why Apple does not allow this on their mobile OS.
However JITs have gotten better at being efficient and JS has seen some nice improvements to its efficiency. But as long as they are not making use of the special power saving APIs of e.g. macOS and the additional cores in today’s CPUs and GPUs they will consume way more battery power than the native apps.
This is also why if you run Windows on a Mac you get terrible battery runtime compared to when you run macOS.

Still it’s nice to see webapps closing the gap to native apps. Or trying to. Again. :stuck_out_tongue:

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