New Beeminder Discord server!

A little over a month ago, I asked if you all would like to have a Beeminder discord server, and the answer seemed to be yes! So I’ve created one:

One idea a friend and I have been playing around with is having a video night every couple of weeks and watching some YouTube videos on a given theme, discussing together between them. SyncTube seems like an easy way we could do that. We were thinking the first night we could watch some videos on different voting systems, and then vote on themes and videos for future nights. Thoughts?

Open to suggestions, and can’t wait to hang out with you guys on the server!

@dreev, happy for you to spam the link if you think it’s time!


Woo-hoo! I’m in! Join us!

(And huge thanks to @narthur for setting it up!)

And I’m definitely game to nerd out about voting systems, unless anyone thinks that range voting or some crap is better than approval voting. I will fight you!! Kidding. A little bit.


If you haven’t already, seriously join the server, we’ve been having a blast! :smile:

Also, here’s a poll to find a time for our first video night. Please vote! :ballot_box:

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lol I was literally browsing the forum going like "would be great to have a discord to talk to beeminders " and I saw your post–great idea!


It seems the above link has expired but the Discord is thriving. I’m nervous about flooding it with too many people so let me try this: Send me a DM with the nerdiest thing you’ve done lately and I will give you an invite link!