Discord Video Nights

Original title: First Discord video night!

Hey, all! We’re having our first Discord video night! If you aren’t already on the server, go join now!

Topic: Voting systems
Time: Sunday, November 22, 3pm ET
Location: SyncTube room and Discord video-night channels,
Format: Short videos interspersed with discussion

Hope to see you there! :smiley:


Just a reminder that this is this Sunday!

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Hey, all! We’ve been voting on the topic for our second video night. Go vote now!

Poll: What should our next topic be?

Topic: Vote to decide!
Time: Sunday, December 6, 3pm ET
Location: Discord video-night channels
Format: Short videos interspersed with discussion

I’ll plan to update this thread with the chosen topic this Thursday, and then set up a way for everyone to suggest videos.

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And we have a topic!

On Beeminder, sub-point: Working on “Productivity systems” (eg) and organization, vs working on inner motivation/identity/willpower - any research/cool videos about that could go nicely into a beeminder-themed video night

Go ahead and suggest videos here that fit with the topic, including both title and url:


Also, you’re encouraged to vote for the videos that sound interesting, but maybe don’t watch them until the video night? :wink:

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I really wanna add a video about analog productivity, but I can’t really seem to find one that fits the theme of the other videos. :thinking:


Don’t worry about it fitting with the other videos! :smiley: As long as it at least somewhat fits the theme, go ahead and add it.

Also, I’m afraid all the videos I added are pro-systems-first… so if someone knows of some identity-first videos, please submit them!

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Video night starting in 10 minutes, 3pm ET! Join us in the discord (channels #video-night-text and video-night-voice)

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