State of the Discord

The discussions in the Discord continue to be top-notch. I’m also beeminding moving things from there to here in the forum, because I don’t want the Discord to crowd out the forum, which remains even better, because long-form writing is pretty great.

I continue to be torn between promoting the Discord more and diluting how insanely high-quality the current participants are (plus the worry about competing with the forum). My current compromise is to just tease you here and tell you to DM me for an invite link. If I’ve hit “like” on anything you’re written in the forum, you’re invited!

(All the existing invite links floating around are now disabled so DM’ing me is the only way to get in at the moment. I’m receptive to arguments that that is too much exclusivity! For now I’m just experimenting.)

As a further teaser, here are the current channels in the Discord:

  • #larvae: introductions, where newcomers show up
  • #hive: main beeminder/akrasia/productivity/etc-relevant channel
  • #bumbling: random / off-topic
  • #apiary: API and programming
  • #beemios: the Beeminder iOS app
  • #pollen: polls (it’s funny if you speak german)
  • #busybees: pomodoro poker / co-working
  • #birds: twitter feed
  • #meta: self-explanatory
  • #weightloss: self-explanatory
  • #spellingbee: word games
  • #waggledance: announcements
  • #botspam: for testing bots for the love of god mute this

If that sounds like a lot of distraction, muting everything but #hive and a couple others that strike your fancy is a good strategy. (I’m also dreaming of a Discord bot that only lets you participate when you’re beemergency-free…)


can confirm, made me chuckle.


Just wanted to register my hope that the forum continues and that we don’t shift everything over into Discord. I’ve seen this happen with so many other communities in my online life and I always feel like it’s a less ‘calm’ / positive experience. (Not because of the conversations, mind, but just because of the nature of the medium / UX).


I feel the same. I’ve discovered a few podcasts I listen to have forums on the Discourse platform and I think those are my favorite places to be on the internet. They can be supremely useful to the general internet as well since when someone is looking for a similar question they can come upon a whole discussion around that topic.
Basically I love forums and Discourse is the Cadillac of online forums.