New Design: Subtracts a day when changing due date (was: Changing due date doesn't stick)

I’ve now tried to change the due date for a goal of mine twice, once yesterday and once today (after I noticed yesterday’s change hadn’t stuck). It keeps reverting to the original due date.

The due date is currently beyond the akrasia horizon (and I’m trying to make it later, so that shouldn’t be a problem). Changing the goal total works just fine. (I haven’t tried changing the rate, since that’s the calculated variable for this goal.)

And yes, I did click UPDATE both times. :slight_smile: The goal appears to update, but when I go back to the dashboard and then go to the goal again (the screen shot above), I see the old due date instead of the new one.


Hey Grayson, thanks for the bug report! I’ve tried it out and the change is definitely sticking for me. I’m wondering if maybe this is confusion about the interface, actually, because I checked the logs and the date we got the most recent time you submitted was 10/27 – which is the same as the current goal date. Or maybe like, you changed the goal total too, and we automatically adjusted the goal date backwards or something?

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Hi Bethany! Thanks for the quick response. (And sorry mine’s so tardy; I was out all evening.)

I just tried it again, changing only the due date, and the change appeared to go through (got the green success banners, one for the change and one for the graph update) but the old due date was there the next time I clicked on the goal from the dashboard.

(This always worked fine in the old design, which is why I tagged it as a new design thing. I’ve changed both the goal total and date for this specific goal a few times in the old design.)

I’ve tried it typing in the new date directly and by clicking on the new date in the calendar, and neither has stuck for me so far. I’m using Chrome 53.0.2785.116 / 54.0.2840.59 (it failed for me on both versions) on OS X 10.11.5.

ETA: Okay, so this is interesting. I was originally trying to change the due date by one day, from 10/27 to 10/28. On the off chance that the problem was the single-day shift, I tried changing it from 10/27 to 10/29. Again, the change seemed to go through as specified, but this time when I clicked on the goal again the due date was… 10/28.

So it looks like it is updating, but it’s subtracting a day from the date I select.


So I’ve created a new goal just now, and when I went to change the due date and goal total from the automatically selected/calculated values BM used during goal creation, it once again subtracted a day from the due date I’d picked.

Obviously I can work around this by always adding a day beyond the actual date I want, but it’s a bug.

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Also frustrating is that I couldn’t set a goal completion date and total when creating the goal; I could only set a units per day (week, month…). Which means I had to guesstimate, and then when I went in to change the target date and total and let the daily rate be calculated, it only applies that after the first seven days (which on a twelve-day goal is kind of NOT USEFUL).

So consider this a request to let ppl specify goal completion date and total when creating a goal, not just the rate.


Another data point re: the subtract-one-day bug.

I created a new goal and this time, changed the goal total only, meaning the goal total and rate were the input values and the target date was the auto-calculated date. Beeminder showed me a target date of 10/30 for the rate and total I’d entered. Fine. Update.

Going out to the dashboard and coming back into the goal, the new target date is 10/29. Rate and total are as they were entered.

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Fellow Beeminders: could I ask some of you to try changing a goal date on a Do More goal and seeing if you encounter this problem? I’d like to know if it’s reproducible elsewhere (so a Beeminder bug), or limited to me (and thus somewhere between me and Beeminder).

The protocol: after you change the goal date and update, go back to the dashboard, then back into your goal. (The change looks fine until you leave the goal.) Then please report back here, with maybe these details to help whittle down the haystack, if it isn’t just me:

  • Location (I’m in Europe, 9 hours ahead of Beeminder if the servers are also in Oregon)
  • OS (I’m on OS X 10.11.5)
  • Browser (I’m using Chrome 54.0.2840.59)

Many thanks!

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Yep, problem encountered. Surprisingly, if you scroll waaay down to the bottom of the road matrix, updating that end date works.

  • UK (currently 8 hours ahead of PDX and 5 hours ahead of the servers)
  • OS X 10.12
  • Opera 40.0

PS: the road matrix should be the other way up, most recent entries first. I’ve got almost five years of matrix on some goals, which is only made worse by autoratchet and weekends…

PPS: I did get a ‘resource not found’ (or similar) red banner the first time I updated the date using the road matrix, but the date seemed to have actually updated.


I was not able to duplicate this by changing either the goal total or the end date on a Do More goal with rate held constant.

  • US (Seattle time)
  • Windows 7 64 bit
  • Firefox 49.0.1

Thanks, @philip and @gretchen!

Conclusion: it isn’t me. Based on the meager data, the problem is possibly OS X-related (seems plausible) and possibly time-zone related (seems unlikely).

Can I get a quick confirmation that this is on the list of bugs being addressed?

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Indeed it is! It’s even above the Mendoza line, meaning that it’s made the cut priority-wise.

You can see for yourselves what bugs have been captured and prioritised.


Oh, wow! Thanks for that link. You guys are amazing.


[deletes report of mysteriously fixed issue]
[OOPS NEVER MIND – I forgot to go back out to the dashboard and back into the goal. Problem persists. Carry on as you were. Move along, nothing to see here. Other than possibly sleep deprivation at work.]

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New data point!

I recently changed the rate on a goal of mine from 5/week to 1/day using the “Commit To” entry field (so not the road editor directly). All unrelated road wonkiness aside, note that a day has been subtracted from the goal date in the road editor: