New integration: WOC + Beeminder

I have finished the Beeminder integration for WOC (

You can connect your account to Beeminder in account settings (Your account / WOC) and then set up sync from any card to a Beeminder goal:

WOC will create data points for the overall comment count, whenever you add or delete a comment. (So your goal should have the type “Gain weight” or “Lose weight”.)

You can use this eg. to beemind consistently reflecting on some topic/goal. I might not always have the energy to actually do something towards learning Norwegian, but I can at least reflect on it. Or perhaps set a timer for five minutes and think about why Norwegian isn’t going well, etc. And I can use the same space (self-replies in WOC) to write down the results of my thinking:

You can also use this to beemind eg. writing movie/book/restaurant reviews, while keeping those reviews public. (Here are my own reviews for movies and for books).

Another possible usecase is gratitude journaling, or similar options (“being assertive” journaling, “forgiving people” journaling, “I want” journaling, etc).

If you find any more usecases for the Beeminder integration — please post them here!

cc @narthur @lancemcdoogal — you asked for the integration, and it wouldn’t have happened if nobody asked for it


Awesome, thank you! Can you just create goals for certain cards or just cards in general?

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You can create a goal per card, and then WOC will beemind the number of comments in that card. You can’t beemind the total amount of cards.

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Awesome! Thanks so much for making this! I added WOC to our list of candidates for official integrations as well now:

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Awesome! What’s an “autodata integration”?

(Or perhaps the question should also be — what does “official integration” entail?)

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Ah, yeah, that’s our term for automatically adding data to a Beeminder graph.

A built-in integration like the ones on the front page of I shouldn’t say “official” as if it needs our blessing qua blessing, just that data fetching happens on Beeminder’s servers and it’s all nice and easy for nontechnical users.

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