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New mobile app (Android, iOS, Windows), plus 7 new integrations!


We are aware that the Nectar web app is offline. I have contacted Heroku and hopefully they will fix the issue shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.


The issue was resolved right after my post.


I made another small update to the Nectar mobile app. It now displays more information on the goal detail page and the home page should look better on devices with a small screen.

I also updated the comparison image from the first post to fix two errors with Beeminder for iOS and reflect that it is now open source again:

@dreev can you please give me permissions to edit the first post, so I can replace the image.


Sure! I just made it a wiki. Does it let you edit it now?


Yes. Thank you!


Seriously, that’s unacceptable failure of the free market. It hurts me so much that there aren’t more open source apps in the app store. Can you please email me at and we’ll get you set up with an apple developer account?


I just sent you an e-mail. Thank you! Based on feedback we have received, many Beeminder users will appreciate your offer!


I made a small update to the Nectar mobile app. The countdown timers on the Home page will now all update at the same time and should be faster for users with many goals. In addition, I made improvements to the timer datapoints feature.

I also updated the comparison image from the first post to reflect that Beeminder for iOS now supports adding timer datapoints.


The heroku based web app seems to be down. Is this still an actively maintained project? :slight_smile:


Beeminder turned off the Nectar web app in January.

Nectar is open source, so there is always the possibility that someone else could start it up again in the future or that it will be merged with

@openmedi – I assume you are asking because of your Beeminder Integrations MEGALIST thread. You can still add these seven integrations to that list. Users can always run their own copy of the Nectar web app if they want those six integrations and the Pebble integration does not require any backend service.

Thanks for everyone’s support and sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi! Sorry about the downtime! I actually thought it didn’t have any users and it seems like that was true since it took a couple months to notice but I can totally turn it back on if there are! Huge thanks to @nectar for making it open source too so anyone has the option to run with it.