iOS is open source again, request for feature/bugfix requests


The version of the iOS app that’s in the app store is now open source. If you’re interested in contributing take a look at the Readme and fire away with pull requests!

And if you’re a regular user of the iOS app, use this thread to list the top feature requests/annoyances/whatever that you currently have with it! I’ll be doing a bunch of cleanup and other work on the app in the next couple weeks so it’s open season on improvements.

New mobile app (Android, iOS, Windows), plus 7 new integrations!

Yay Andy! These should probably be lowest priority but the tally counter (I use it for pushups, @shepheb (and lately @bee) use it for bite-counting) and the timer built in to the Android app are pretty brilliant.

Another impressive thing about the Android app is the deep robustness to flaky network connections. It keeps reminding you of beemergencies even in airplane mode and any datapoints it can’t send it shows them as red and just keeps trying until it confirms they got through.

The Android app’s homescreen widgets are also super elegant and practical.


I could really use the timer built into the app. I currently use timecamp + zapier for this but this is the only reason I have timecamp and I can’t use this for more than one goal with a free zapier account.


This is now included in the latest version of the iOS app (5.0).


grr, @apb. I’ve supposedly got more important things on my todo list than “finally learn swift to how to I can figure out how to build Apple Watch viewing”. Why must you tempt me so?