New Month's Resolutions

This seems like a good idea to me! I have lots of things I’d like to try out and see how they work out for me, a month is long enough to get a taste of whether they are helpful or not, but not so long I feel like I might overstretch or over commit myself.

newmonthresolution goal - set to rate of 12/366 per day (yay, leap year!)

  1. January📝 journal - goal info and conclusion :white_check_mark: :arrow_forward:
  2. February :broom:eveningtidyup - goal info and conclusion :white_check_mark: :arrow_forward:
  3. March :clock2: donebytwo - goal info and conclusion :white_check_mark: :stop_sign:
  4. April :yawning_face: breathingspace - goal info
  5. [TBD]
  6. [TBD]
  7. [TBD]
  8. [TBD]
  9. [TBD]
  10. [TBD]
  11. [TBD]
  12. [TBD]

I’ll also update this post with goal info.

Emoji key:
:white_check_mark: goal lasted the month
:x: goal didn’t last the month
:arrow_forward: goal carried on after the month was over
:stop_sign: goal stopped