Community IRC channel?

As a newbee, I find it hard to stay on track with my goals when I’m isolated by my lonesome. Someone to talk to in the face of adversity can help maintain momentum, on top of other dribble I personally find interesting, such as scientific insights from the literature on procrastination, productivity porn from the web (although this may make one’s akrasia worse) and other relevant tidbits of interest.

Although there is a chat platform where premium users can connect with the Beeminder developers, there doesn’t seem to be a community IRC channel.



I like the idea of an IRC channel and I would probably participate a bit.

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I just made #beeminder on freenode.

If you don’t know how to IRC you can try the in-browser chat


Awesome, I’ll be on there!

For those that want to be around on-the-clock, an IRC bouncer maybe of interest.

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Everyone should come join the IRC channel, we are having lots* of fascinating, inspiring, and entertaining conversations! Guaranteed to make you more productive, reduce unwanted hair loss, and increase desired hair loss, or your money back!**

*“Lots” is defined as 3-8. Sampling error: plus or minus 6.
**Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The #beeminder IRC channel is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or akrasia.


Awesome. Came just to suggest the same thing.


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