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New SVG graphs sometimes don’t load on mobile Safari / Chrome


Or the server is under stress or too many data points mess things up (this a goal with 4 years of data)

Screenshot from Safari

Screenshot from Chrome after attempting to switch to the Python graph


So, is this happening after you do something that causes the goal to refresh? Does it persist across page loads? (i.e., do you (re/)load the goal page on mobile and there’s no graph image there to begin with?)


(I’m not having trouble with some of my goals that have 8+ years of data loading on mobile chrome. Nice and snappy and everything, so I don’t think it’s related to the amount of data.)


If I revisit the page later , the graph shows up. On instant refresh, not


This morning it doesn’t seem to be happening anymore :slight_smile:


@bee happened once in desktop as well
The svg was
AWS gives an “Access Denied” error
Refreshing the page worked.


That was all my fault probably. I am restricting websites on my mobile with only a whitelist allowed, and the graphs come from
Added the domain in my whitelist and graphs are back :slight_smile:

Not sure if you can have a custom domain on your S3 setup. That would avoid other similar issues.