Newbie here. Bee gentle

I connected my duolingo account so does that mean when ever I log in it will show up on beeminder? Even if I use a different phone? Also I have 2 languages I’m trying to learn do I have to sign out and sign back in for each language?


Welcome to the Beeminder forum! :smiley:

If I’m understanding your question, I believe the Duolingo integration allows you to beemind Duolingo points, not how many times you log into Duolingo. If you’re asking when your points will show up in Beeminder, I believe Beeminder will import your points from Duolingo on the Zeno schedule, but you can force it to update by clicking the spinny refresh button on the right of your graph:

(from the docs page for the Duolingo integration)

Regarding tracking two different languages, I don’t believe you’ll need to sign out and back in to do that. All you’ll need to do is create two separate Beeminder goals, one for each language, selecting the appropriate language each time:

Hope that helps!


I use the Duolingo integration for 3 languages everyday, and @narthur is 100% correct here!