No road dial on android?

I could have sworn I used to be able to dial my road from the android app, but it’s possible this is a false memory. At any rate it doesn’t seem to be possible now.

If this was removed, I’d love to know why.

If this has never been possible and I’m just imagining it, this is a feature request :smile:

My use case is mostly that android is my primary data entry device and todo interface, and I’m most likely to notice if a goal is too hard / too easy while doing data entry or looking at what I have to do today.


It used to be there but they removed it. :frowning:

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See here: Android app doesn’t edit road dial correctly

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Sorry, I should have searched for this first I guess.

The more noise we make about it :loud_sound: the more likely it will be to be re-instated…


As a data point it’s just taken me about a week of looking at phone, going “hmm this goal is much too easy. I’ll make it more difficult when I’m at a computer” and then forgetting cycles to get around to actually get around to doing it.


This is a gentle nag that this remains upsetting to me on a fairly regular basis and it would be really nice to get the road dial bag. Pretty please? :slight_smile:


In the overflow menu on the Android app, there is an option to open the website for that goal. Not a substitute for actually supporting it in the app, but maybe good enough that you’ll dial the road then and there instead of waiting until you’re at a computer and then forgetting.