Android app doesn't edit road dial correctly

I just discovered that the Android app doesn’t display the current road dial correctly, and edits made on the app are not saved correctly.

To reproduce:

  1. Take a goal (e.g. ) . Using the website, set the road dial to 2015-12-31, 500, None.
  2. Refresh the website. Observe that the road dial setting was saved.
  3. View the goal on Android. It will show a road dial of 2015-12-31, 499, None. Or perhaps 2016-01-01,500, None.
  4. Using Android app, set road to 2015-12-31, 500, None.
  5. Reopen Android app. Road dial shows 2015-12-31, None, 12.5. This is bogus of course because it makes the final total 499 not 500.
  6. Refresh website. Road dial now shows 2016-01-01,500, None. Wat. The goal needs to be due on the date I entered!

Any thoughts?


Thanks so much for the beautiful bug report! Cc’ing @saranli. My feeling is that, especially with the road dial on the website in flux (or about to be in flux), that we should “fix” this by dropping it from the android app and make you do that on the website, same as with the iOS app.

In my opinion the apps should have only 3 functions: quick data entry (ok and editing data is pretty nice too), dashboard for seeing status of goals, and reminders. Everything else (road dialing, ratcheting, scheduling breaks, tweaking the myriad settings) should be web-only, simply because we don’t have the resources to keep all the rest of that stuff in sync on 3 platforms.

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The website is a horrible experience on my phone & the android app works (mostly) great.

Work harder at open sourcing the code so it’s easier for people to help.

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I agree, I’d rather have a super-simple app that works and do the tweaking on a web-site. I never actually realised that android app had that road dial option until a few weeks ago, and I never used it anyway.


I also think it will also be best to temporarily remove the road dial from the app until we have the resources to get it done correctly. Right now it causes unintentional derailments and suffers from the problem you mentioned here.