"Nomie" App? NFC? Other quantified self tools?

I know that’s kind of a weird title, but I’m in search of a new Android phone, and I realized that NFC (near field communications) could do a lot to help automate quantified self and other Home automations.

That rabbit hole led me to discover the Nomie app (ahhhhahaha Google translate just now said “know me” now that makes sense!) which looks like a very interesting and beloved-by-its-users quantified self app for tracking habits, moods, diary entries, etc.

So I guess this is just a weird open-ended for fun question, (1) anyone using NFC to help their lives here? This looks like it could be a powerful way to track some things. (2) Anyone using Nomie or similar for habit and mood tracking? (3) Any other recommended quantified self apps or resources?

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I have a goal to make me get out of bed in the mornings, and I use an NFC tag on my desk to prove that I’m up, which works pretty well. I’ve not used Nomie, but it looks pretty cool; currently I use Loop Habit Tracker to remind me of stuff I need to do every day, and a random “year in pixels” app to track roughly how I feel. I’ve been considering trying to use TagTime for that instead – I’d need to find or build a working version first, though, since the Android app I tried didn’t seem able to reliably send notifications.

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What app do you use for this and how do you integrate it? I’m very interested in this. Do you connect it to beeminder too?

I use Tasker to detect and react to the NFC tags, with several different overly-complicated profiles to track how much time I spend using my phone between my alarm going off and getting out of bed (which is what I actually beemind). I should probably be tracking the total amount of time between alarm and getting up, rather than just phone usage, but for a few reasons I’m reluctant to do that, and this seems like a decent compromise.

While it’s tracking, it sends a sticky notification with the current time I’ve spent, what my goal for today is (the slope of the graph), and the maximum time I could spend before I derail; once I scan the tag, that notification is replaced by another which shows how long it took me to get up, and a button to upload it to Beeminder.