Organizing Beeminder goals into folders

There are tags, which I think will do what you want, and would also allow you to put each goal into multiple “folders” if you wished to.

Here’s a couple of forum posts that should tell you everything you need to know but of course say if you need more info or if this won’t work for you!

I have these tags:

  • “book” - any book reading that I’m beeminding
  • “amreview” - goals that I want to glance at as part of my morning routine to ensure I know about all the actions I want to do that day
  • “time” - any goal that tracks time spent on things
  • “wk” (work) - goals related to my paid job, currently only one for total time and one for a specific project
  • “food” and “notfood” - every goal is in one of these, depending on whether it tracks food/water consumption or not