Plugin ecosystem

Just wondering whether the next logical step after the API is to provide a beeminder plugin system.

By that I mean a way for Beeminder to host API apps that confirm to a detailed specification. A plugin might exist as a connector to a particular service, for example Strava.

I have a basic Beeminder package for Python and using a Strava package I have got activities from Strava into Beeminder. However, I either need to develop a web interface and host it myself or continue to run it as a client on my own machine,

This option would be for Beeminder to specify a plugin for beeminder (a bit like a wordpress plugin for example).

The specification would have to include everything about how a plugin is started/stopped/reset. It would have to cover what to provide as user interface for goal creation, how to store preferences.

So would Beeminder be interested in created a standard way for you to host connection plugins? It seems to me there is a chance that this could help significantly with the number and quality of connections to 3rd party sites/apps etc.


I know a few people have asked for zeno polling back to plugins. I think
it’s the next step in helping the 3rd party Beeminder ecosystem, but I’m
not certain that’s a super high priority–it’s pretty good now, especially
with IFTTT.


I really like this thread! Will get more in depth a bit later, but for now, @adamwolf, I’m curious if you know about / have tried the webhook option for Zeno notifications? You can add a url that Beeminder will send a POST to each time the goal gets a Zeno in the goal’s settings under Reminders.

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@apb, I had not. Is that recent? I’ve been mostly AFK for ~2 months (2…
glorious! months) but I’m back!


Yep fairly recent! Definitely within the last two months, as part of the reminders revamp part deux.

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