Question about adding custom goals

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I am looking for help with what app would be best used for the following goals I want to achieve.

Out of some goals I have, I want to finish my backlog of computer games and practise the guitar for around 30minutes a day. There is no app I can find that would be data mining to ensure that I am held accountable for finishing my goals. For example, an app that would know when I have completed a game and updates beeminder, or something that allows me to practise the guitar.

Is there anyone who would be able to point me in the right direction?

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Just a manual goal is probably easiest here—when you finish a game, just add a manual +1. If your criteria for “finished” is “100% steam achievements”, you might be able to set something up with IFTTT that polls your steam profile? That seems like much more work and arguably less functional than manual, since there’s plenty of games for which “100% steam achievements” is not a valid measure of “done”—games not on steam, games with bugged un-gettable achievements, games with achievements that you don’t personally care about…

For the guitar practice goal, the beeminder apps have a built-in timer, I believe, that you can use with a manual goal! Alternatively, I use the Toggl integration, personally, since I use toggl already for non-beeminder time tracking already, and I quite like it.


Thanks for the response!

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