Play more guitar using Rocksmith (PC game)

Hey guys & girls,

I used beeminder now for a while to start a running habit (using runkeeper). It helped. So I figured, why not use it to get me to play the guitar again. I recently bought Rocksmith on Steam. It’s a game that teaches to play songs on your real guitar. But as with every other new hobby, I stick to it for a while and then completely forget about it. At this point beeminder would come in very handy…

Is there a way to automatically track the time I play Rocksmith? I’d like to play at least 1 hour per week.
Maybe I could use the Rescue Time addon as this seems to able to track the time with specific programs?

Thanks for your help!
Greeting from Germany (and sorry for my noobian English skills)


You can definitely track this with RescueTime!


Unfortunately the RescueTime integration only lets you track if you can keep up with your RescueTime “goals”. And these are daily goals (“spend more than xx hours on Rocksmith per day”). But I want to track my time on Rocksmith weekly. Daily goals would be too much.

Maybe there is a way using Zapier or IFTT in combination with RescueTime.

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Hmm. I am not sure that is right. My RescueTime goals here just track
time in Rescuetime Categories, and you can definitely make a new Rescuetime
category that is just that game. I do that to track Twitter and Feedly

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You’re right. It worked! The Beminder RescueTime integration doesn’t use the mentioned goals. I could even choose Rocksmith directly. Nice!