Quick add doesn't update the text part

On the main screen, when you update the data from the “Quick Add data” panel on the right, the graph is updated. The text below it is not updated. So I have a goal that’s updated to be due on Monday (graph) but not still due on Sunday (text)


ah, yeah, guess we need to update that!

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Now it does! and also includes the bare min and all this makes me super :smile:


Thanks so much @apolyton and @mary (and I think someone else I’m forgetting…) for pointing these out!

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Great stuff! Many thanks :slight_smile:

@bee This seems to have stopped functioning :frowning:
Attaching before-and-after screens (OS X, Safari)

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Finally just fixed this… realized that I removed a javascript date library that had some helper functions we were using.


Nice! Thank you :slight_smile: