Remaining work is not synced but app pretends everything is fine

In chronological order:

Since I have no idea how old that data is and to be on the safe side I tap refresh:

Great! The update completed, no complaints, wonderful!

Strange, I do think I have done a lot more work on this. What does the website say?
Curious and sceptical, I tap the share button which obviously takes me to the website:

Which has a very different understanding of what is due and what is not.

This issue has been there for days now, when can we expect a fix?

When you back out to the list of all your apps, what’s that saying? (Or did you already do that and it’s saying the same thing there?)

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@mary you’re on to something:
Once I back out to the list of all my goals (you mean goals and not the home screen of my phone, right?), it is showing the correct amount in the list.
And going then back into the goal, it shows the correct amount there, as well.

Another observation, in general (so before I went back out to the goal list): When I tap the refresh button, I see that new data points are showing up in the list holding the five most recent data points. So, that seems to work OK.
However, the bold, red title is completely oblivious to what is in that list, still saying “+04:00 hours due by 10pm or pay $5” (which is the full daily rate) despite the most recent data point. After doing the “back out to goal list and back into the goal” dance, the red title text correctly says “+03:51 hours due by 10pm or pay $5”.

Did you say there was already an issue created for this? I didn’t see one but might have missed it. I created one here:

And also fixed it. The fix is on the way to the App Store now.


Thanks for the quick fix! And no, I didn’t file an issue for this. I hope I didn’t give the impression that I did.

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I think I just misread what you wrote, no problem. Thanks for the bug report, keep 'em coming :slight_smile: