Bad error message when setting deadline

I am trying to set the deadline on a goal to 9:00AM. When I do I get the not very friendly error message ‘alertstart: [“must start before the deadline”]’.

Additionally, I think there’s a bug in your time zone handling code. When I try to set the goal to 10AM it works. It is currently 9:30 (and I created the goal since 9). Given that we are currently in that lovely period where the UK and the US have a different DST, I suspect Beeminder is confused about what timezone I am. My timezone says GMT (London), which is correct (though will shortly become incorrect because the correct display would be BST London).

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I’m wrong about it being a time zone issue. The issue is simply that I created the goal after 9:00 and beeminder doesn’t like me setting the goal before that. i.e. what the error message actually said. Brains.

As a hopefully simple UVI, I’d like to be able to do that though. :slight_smile:


Try setting the deadline from the Reminders tab and change the “start reminding me at” (alertstart) setting to 06:30am first, which is what the error message is referring to, I think.

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