Request: Refresh external data before sending beemergency notice

tl;dr automatically refresh external data sources before sending beemergency notification

I’m using beeminder + fitbit integration to track how much water I drink (64oz/day). However since I’m a bit of a night owl, I often end up finishing my water allocation for day N around ~1am on day N+1 (and retroactively logging it for day N). This frequently means beeminder ends up getting an initial data point of say, 32oz for the day. And since I maintain only one day of buffer, missing my goal (or beeminder thinking I missed my goal bc it has outdated data) means I enter beemergency right away.
So my experience on more than one occasion has been:

  1. Retroactively log water into Fitbit at ~2am
  2. Wake up, get beemergency email
  3. Click through, hit refresh button
  4. Beemergency goes away as updated data loads and beeminder now sees I had 64oz yesterday

If beeminder automatically refreshed before sending the beemergency notification, that would save me a small amount of effort and stress (not a lot, but seeing beemergency in a subject line certainly doesn’t improve my cortisol levels)

I also recognize I could solve this issue on my own by just giving myself like 32oz extra buffer and logging water on the actual date/time I drink it since it all evens out in the end, but I think my request/suggestion is probably valid and useful for several other cases as well.


Thanks for the bug report! We definitely intend to refetch the latest autodata immediately before sending any alert – that’s a core thing built into our autodata integrations from the beginning. But it sounds like we may have broken it!

If anyone else can corroborate this, that’d definitely be helpful.

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I’m not sure the toggl integration has ever refreshed before sending beemergency push notifications. I have emails off though.


I got the email again this morning and failed to repro steps 3 & 4; This time at least it was a result of the fitbit app not pushing updates to the fitbit servers (after 12 hours??). Unsure if I accidentally triggered an app refresh last time this happened; will try to rigorously repro tonight or tomorrow and report back