Rocks and Pebbles

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@theospears replied in the community Discord by pointing to an article criticizing the idea. Excerpt:

[The guy has] rigged his demonstration by bringing only a few rocks, which he knows in advance will fit. Yet for most people, these days, the main problem of time management isn’t failing to prioritise what matters. It’s that there are too many things that matter: too many tasks we pretty much have to accomplish in order to keep our jobs, pay the rent, be adequate parents, find a modicum of fulfilment, and so on. There are, in other words, too many rocks. And many of them are never getting near that jar.


Cal Newport’s book Deep Work offers a radical path for carving out time for the most important things – and dealing with the unavoidable truth that you can’t do it all.

I guess my response to that is: sure but the point is to at least make sure you don’t fill the jar with just pebbles.


A thought on similar lines I’ve been contemplating - how do you decide which rock to place next in the jar?

It’s easy with pebbles - there are so many of them, but with rocks, you have to decide which one will go because you can only place a few of them.