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Time blocking?

I’m finding I’m salami slicing some of my goals again (honestly I’ve always done that a bit).

I’d like to try some sort of beeminding of “time blocking”: provisionally planning out your day or week down to a timescale of an hour or two. I’m hoping that will help me do better on that, as well as maybe help me focus more on what I want/need to get done.

Has anybody been there and have any advice?

I see this has come up before but I’m really asking about what people learned about akratic strategy while doing it rather than tools. For example, I don’t know, “I found I weaseled out of it by doing X so now instead I Y”? Or “I found this worked best when I confined this to goals that are Z because …”.

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For a period of time in college I time blocked religiously. I had a basic schedule that I’d refer to when I made each day’s plan in the morning. I’d also refer to all outstanding projects when making the day’s plan. I allowed myself to deviate from my plan during the course of the day as long as I edited my plan to show the changes. It was very effective. This was all before I was using beeminder.

I’ve never managed to do it as successfully since. I’ve beeminded making the day plans with mixed success. At one point I tried using tagtime to enforce keeping on plan (modifications still allowed) but a bug with my account prevented me from seeing that experiment through.

The way I ended up fixing the salami slicing issue was defining certain goals in terms of half-hour blocks instead of continuous time. That way one block is due instead of 5 minutes, even if the overall average target is the same.


Have you come across Focusmate? That’s been my most successful time blocking, and now there’s a soon-to-be-released integration with Beeminder.

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