Scheduling increase 1 month in advance

Good morning,

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I have a course officially starting on 7 September 2022. I’m creating the commitment today, to allow me a little time to iron out my study scehdule and do a little general planning.

7 August 2022-September 2022: 1x Focusmate session/week
7 September 2022-7 December 2022: 2x Focusmate sessions/day

I’ve gone into the “stop/pause” and scheduled the change 1 month in advance

I’m confused as to what I’m seeing. The scheduled changes are not obvious.

Upcoming changes:

Through 2022-08-14 increase at rate 0.14*

Through 2022-09-06 increase at rate 0.14

Through 2022-12-06 increase at rate 2

Through 2022-12-07 increase at rate 2

Through 2022-12-07 increase at rate 0.14

  • 0.14 is the equivalent of 1 Focusmate session per week.

Thanks in advance for your help in this matter!



Hi Chris! Thanks for mentioning it was confusing for you; always useful to hear when something trips folks up.

This all looks good to me; I think you just have a few extra lines in your graph matrix that might be confusing things.

So here’s my read of your “upcoming changes” section:

  • Until 14th August 2022, the rate will be 0.14/day. This is then duplicated: even from that date, it will continue at 0.14/day until 6th September.
  • From and including 7th September, the rate becomes 2/day.
  • This rate ends on 7th December, going back to 0.14/day… but the goal also ends on that day, hence the second rate mentioned for 7th December.

Basically, each “through X, increase at rate Y” tells you “until and including this date, this rate is in effect”. No “start” dates are listed, which sometimes confuses people – instead, you infer them from when the previous date ended.

Does that make more sense now, perhaps?

(I also can see why that duplicated line on 14th August exists, if I look at your goal behind the scenes. Your original rate was not 0.14/day but 0.14285714285714285/day – so when you set your break, the slightly easier rate of 0.14/day can’t be applied until after the akrasia horizon. I think that’s just a difference in how your rate is rounded.)