Separation of work and personal goals

I’ve reached the point where I am starting to add work related goals to my existing set which have all been personal, mostly health related.

However, my work can already easily take over the whole of life. Therefore I’m wondering whether there is some way of keeping them separately in the dashboard.

Maybe assign a tag to goals and then toggle which I can see at any time. It is not about ignoring derailments but it is making sure that I am not tempted to work on work goals when I am not supposed to be working.

How do other people handle this?



The dashboard has two parts, you can move goals between them with the “-” and “+” icons that appear when you hover over the graphs.
The two parts are meant to separate the important from the not so important goals. The goals on the “not important” part do not show up in the “quick add data” box.


Sounds like a good start. I’ll get experimenting :slight_smile:

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How about using two separate accounts?

I can see it would be a solution for someone more organised than me.

I’d be worried about being logged into the wrong account and missing something.

I would do 2 accounts. You’ll get email reminders whether or not you’re
logged in…

As well as getting reminders, you can also be logged in both accounts at the same time (using a private browsing window, or different browsers).

Adding a category field and a couple dashboard options sounds like an easy #UVI :slight_smile:
ping @dreev


Yes, I could. However, that does not work for the App which is predicated on a single user. It is also somewhat clunky for what I thought would be quite a common situation.

Sounds good to me.

For the longer term maybe some more flexibility in defining when I should be working on a goal might suit this and other needs as well.

eg. I am supposed to do some knee rehabilitation strength and stretch exercises every other day. Currently I Beemind it as do once every 3.5 days. But maybe I could define the goal as “every other day” so that a) doing it 2 days running counts as a negative and b) The goal is sent to the bottom of the dashboard on the days when I shouldn’t be doing it.

If I have a work related goal then I could just define which are work days (for me Tue thru Sun). So I’d like to see work goals sent to the bottom of the dashboard on Mondays. Also recording activities for these goals on a Monday should count as negative (to encourage me to take my day off.

It seems to me there are other examples where keeping to a schedule (eg tablets 3 times a day) where it is important to be neither under nor over the daily/every other day/weekly/… limit (maybe sometimes the limit needs to be say between 1 and 3 times per day).

You might want to check Habitica for this. The Dailies feature is as follows

  • You can set which days of the week you need to do X
  • You can only do X once per day (it’s a 0/1 checkbox)
  • If you miss a day, there is nothing you can do - you can’t make up for it by doing 2 in the next day

There is a Habitica-Beeminder connection but only for the Tasks feature of Habitica (for now)

Yeah, I am using Habitica but mainly as an encouragement to our sons. Not taking it very seriously.

The day selector is ok but does not work for alternate days - due to the inconvenience of a 7 day week :wink:

For me the weak link in dailies and habits is long term reporting. Progress on individual items gets lost or forgotten too easily.

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Actually the Android app works shockingly well for multiple accounts. I keep a 2nd account to quarantine all my Do Less goals and I’ve never run into a problem on Android. Even the Tasker plugin understands multi-account!


Hey, wow. That is much better than I realised.